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OMG shit got real (party emoji)

Shut the fuck up Sandra it’s just a proposal. What you really should be focusing on is rinsing your friend for settling when they could be out ‘til 4am getting wasted with the single gang. For the Hen and Bride to be we’ve got a few cheeky cards to celebrate (commiserate) getting engaged.

Congratulations on getting engaged you daft pair of cunts

Product Code: WED003

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

What have you done you silly people!

What have you done you si..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Engaged! He finally grew some fucking balls

Product Code: WED002

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

About fucking time, we've been waiting long enough.

About fucking time, we've..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

He finally proposed. I hope his dick is worth it

Product Code: PSTL002

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Looks like you won't be seeing any new penis ever again!

Looks like you won't be s..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

I'm fucking engaged!

Product Code: WED001

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Rejoice, for you've just signed your life away!

Rejoice, for you've just ..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

You're getting married, it's not too late to leave the prick

Product Code: PSTL003

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Quick, run. Run for your life.

Quick, run. Run for your ..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49
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