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A funny birthday card isn’t complete without some rude wrapping paper. Our growing collection gives you the opportunity to disguise your shit gifts with some colourful displays of language.

Happy fucking whatever wrapping paper

Product Code: WRP005

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Couldn't care less about the occasion sweetie.

Couldn't care less about ..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

I fucking love you wrapping paper

Product Code: WRP006

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Like, lots.

Like, lots...
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Love heart cunt - Red

Product Code: WRP007

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Say it with love hearts.

Say it with love hearts...
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Love heart cunt wrapping paper

Product Code: WRP002

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Wrapping Paper

Say it with love hearts

Wrapping PaperSay it with..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

This present is shit

Product Code: WRP003

£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49

Don't get your hopes up pal.

Don't get your hopes up p..
£2.99 Ex Tax:£2.49
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