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These can be a funny gift for your mates or you can just say fuck it and treat yo’self.  The perfect place to write your inner most desires, rude fantasies, wedding plans or just your boring weekly shopping lists. Up to you.

All notebooks are A5 and include an elasticated strap, bookmark ribbon, pen holder and built in pocket at the back to store your loose shitty scribbles.

Fuck this meeting

Product Code: NB001

£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

Literally cannot be arsed to be here.

Literally cannot be arsed..
£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

Full of shit notes

Product Code: NB002

£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49
The best notepad to keep all your shit memos in.
The best notepad to keep ..
£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

Get off my fucking notebook

Product Code: NB004

£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49
Get your mucky hands away from my notes.
Get your mucky hands away..
£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

I hate my job

Product Code: NB003

£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

Let's be honest, you don't actually want to be here. Can't we be somewhere more exciting?

Let's be honest, you don'..
£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

I'd rather be drinking

Product Code: NB005

£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49

Somebody pass me a beer.

Somebody pass me a beer...
£8.99 Ex Tax:£7.49
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