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If you laugh, we're doing our job right.

Welcome to the home of The Cunning Linguist, a cheeky mother fucker with a penchant for the obscene. With a tongue like a whip and a quill that has bruised many an ego, here you will find his greatest works. A private collection made public. Cards portraying some of the finest insults known to man, exquisite one-liners and magnificent put-downs.

We have one aim, and that is to bring a little more fun to the world. Fed up with generic high street cards we decided to make our own, with a big old "fuck you" to political correctness. It wasn't a quick process but we think it was worth the wait. While we revel in debauchery and excel in tomfoolery, our cards are not intended to cause actual offense. We hope you enjoy our range, which we'll continually work on to improve and grow our collection.

Take your time to browse the website, fill your basket and entertain your friends.

Most importantly... DON'T HOLD BACK.

The Cunning Linguist x

Have a gander

Hopefully we've made the website easy enough to navigate. If you have something specific in mind, try the search function. We've tagged cards to help you hunt them down. If you can't find what you're looking for and have an awesome idea, tell us. If we take your idea on board and it sells, we may even reward you.

Sealed with a Cunning twist

All cards are sent with an additional 100% recycled envelope, for you to put the card in once you've scribbled your soppy message. We also include our unique wax seal, which has been designed for you to stick to the envelope once sealed. READ MORE

Give us a like

We love to hear what you ugly bunch are up to. Make sure to like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on INSTAGRAM. Got a new card for a friend? Take a snap, tag us and ride the #cunningcards bandwagon. We'll try our best to share anything you tag us in, and we'll be running competitions for free stuff from time to time. Keep your eyes peeled!


(p.s. these are totally made up)

Seymour Butts

“The burden of trying to find that perfect card for family and friends has finally been lifted. Years of turmoil and despair, hours upon hours of flicking through petrol station greeting cards, only to see the look of disappointment on my wife's face as she opens her sun-bleached envelope. BUT NO MORE!  Now there is too much choice, a card for every occasion. I find myself searching for new friends just so I can buy them a card.

Thank you Cunning Linguist!”


“These cards are bare lit fam”

Fanny Schmeller

“I have never actually pissed myself just from reading a card before. You should probably sell adult nappies as an added extra ;)”